Admitted students who feel they have mastered the content of a college course may apply for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). This process may be initiated at any time.

  1. Students review the CPL information found on the website to gain an overview of the process and to self-assess eligibility for CPL. CPL credit will be awarded for learning that matches the competencies of a current course in a student’s declared program of study.
  2. Students submit the following to the CPL Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
    • CPL Assessment Request form
    • Current resume and/or brief summary that explains learning experiences (see Career and Counseling Center for resume assistance)
  3. Student and the CPL Coordinator discuss what potential options for CPL are available to the student and the feasibility of documenting skills and knowledge, based on course competencies and learning objectives.
  4. When credit can be attained through methods other than CPL, the student will be referred directly to the Transfer Coordinator.
  5. The Academic Dean will identify the credentialed faculty to conduct the assessment.
  6. The faculty will confer with the student to determine appropriate assessment method(s), CPL method expectations, and timeframe. If agreed upon, the student and faculty sign the CPL Assessment Confirmation form. 
  7. The student takes the completed CPL Assessment Confirmation form to the SCC bookstore and is charged a non-refundable fee based on the CPL assessment method. Once the fee has been paid, the student submits the paid receipt and the CPL Assessment Confirmation form to the CPL Coordinator, who verifies payment and informs faculty they may proceed with the CPL assessment.
  8. Faculty conducts the assessment of the student’s submission and may request further information from the student. Students are encouraged to make a complete copy of assessment materials for their own use before submittal. Submitted assessment materials become the property of South Central College.
  9. Faculty determine whether a student’s prior learning demonstrated the equivalency of the course based on meeting 75% of the learning outcomes. Faculty will specifically state what outcomes are met and what outcomes are not met to clearly illustrate whether or not the stated goal of 75% equivalency has or has not been met. If the student met a portion of learning outcomes, the faculty may consider other CPL options or credit awards (for example: partial credit award and/or an independent study).
  10. Faculty will complete the CPL Evaluator Response form for each course where credit was requested signifying approval and a corresponding letter grade or denial of the credit request with a sufficient explanation. The CPL Evaluator Response form will be forwarded to the CPL Coordinator.
  11. The CPL Coordinator will review the CPL Evaluator Response form, document completion by faculty, verify payment for the CPL assessment, and make appropriate entries to the student transcript. The CPL Coordinator will notify the Registrar, Faculty, and the Dean’s Administrative Assistant of process completion.
  12. Credits shall be transcribed according to Minnesota State System Policy.
  13. The CPL Coordinator will notify the student in writing of the final outcome of their CPL Assessment Request.
  14. If the evaluation outcome is a denial of credit, the student may attempt a second time, upon approval of the faculty. Students are limited to two attempts at CPL per course.
  15. If a student disagrees with the CPL evaluation outcome, an appeal process is available from the CPL Coordinator. The student must submit an appeal within six months of notification of the CPL assessment decision.