Everyone at South Central College is committed to ensuring all students thrive while in college and achieve their dreams after graduating.

Student Success Initiatives

Achieving the Dream
In 2016, South Central College was selected to participate in Achieving the Dream, a nation-wide network of more than 220 colleges in 39 states dedicated to student success.  As an Achieving the Dream institution, South Central College is working to implement, align and scale cutting edge reforms to ensure the success of current students and the sustainability of the college to serve future students.   

Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)
Since 2012, South Central College has followed the AQIP pathway for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.  The college chose this particular program because of its emphasis on continuous quality improvement to best meet the evolving needs of students.

SCC Students at a Glance
(based on FY19 unless otherwise indicated)

  • Number of Students:  4,475  
  • Average Age:  28.4
  • Traditional Age (18 -24):  50.4%, Returning Adult (25+):  43.3%  (6.3% unidentified)
  • Females:  46.9%, Males:  51.1%  (2% unidentified)
  • Students of Color:  21.3%
  • First Generation (Federal definition-parents did not graduate from college:  55.7%
  • First Generation (MN definition-parents did not attend college):  20.1%
  • Pell Grant Eligible:  36.0%
  • Undrerrepresented Students (Student of Color, Pell Eligible, or First Generation - MN):  49.7%
  • Financial Aid Recipients FY18:  68.0%
  • Persistence and Completion Rate (Fall 2017 full-time students who graduated, transferred or retained to second fall):  65.9%
  • Related Employment of Graduates Rate (FY18 graduates graduates reporting employment during the year after graduation in a job related to their program or major ):  81.8%
  • Continuing their Education Rate (Percent of FY 2018 graduates reporting continuing their education during the year after graduation:  29.3%