10th Grade Career and Technical Education PSEOStudents can start PSEO at South Central College during their 10th grade year of high school. Students must be eligible.

Sophomores who are interested in career and technical courses may take one career and technical college level course at South Central College.  If a student successfully completes the technical course with a C or higher, the student can take additional career and technical courses during their sophomore year. Students who start as a sophomore may continue without reapplying. They can take PSEO general education courses in grades 11 and 12 by meeting the prerequisites for the courses they wish to enroll in.

Admission Criteria

10th grade sophomores must be attending a Minnesota public high school to qualify for PSEO. Additional requirements:

  • Scoring at or above 850 on the 8th grade Reading Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) OR
  • If the MCA test was not taken, scoring at or above 78 on the Reading Accuplacer
  • Must meet any age restriction, program requirements, or course prerequisite 

Course Eligibility

View the PSEO career and technical course list available for 10th graders.

Additional PSEO Information

See the PSEO Details page for additional information on costs, course restrictions, and grade requirements to continue as a PSEO student.

For additional information related to the PSEO program you can visit: