16 Credits    CERT3313/2318,  Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Degree Description

Our classes emphasize the importance of effective communication skills both in person and by phone with clients/patients, visitors, health care team members and ancillary departments.  Courses have been developed based on industry standards and the learner is prepared to work in a variety of health care environments.  Experienced instructors offer plenty of personal attention to each learner.   This program will also help prepare you for the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators certification exam.

Campuses: Faribault and North Mankato
Program Start Dates: Fall and Spring Semester

Estimate for 16 credit program

Tuition is paid on a semester by semester basis and will vary depending on the courses and total credits you take.

Tuition and Fees: $3,275
Tools and Equipment: $ n/a
Total Estimated Cost: $3,275 *

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*Based on 2022-23 tuition rates. Does not include extra expenses for online delivery, course fees, or course differental. Books, transportation, and living expenses also not included.

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Required Technical Courses (6 Courses)

Complete all of the following courses:


PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.