You may already have the knowledge required for college credit.

At South Central College, we realize that many learners have already gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. SCC Challenge Examinations are the equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the-term examination or a series of comparable exams. Examinations vary depending on the type of course challenged. Passing them can earn you college credit.

A challenge exam is an opportunity for a student to demonstrate college-level learning through course-specific institutional examination. The exam is developed by SCC credentialed faculty in the academic discipline that offers the course. Credit is granted for demonstrated proficiency of course-specific requirements by the student through successful completion of the examination.
Challenge Exams Limitations and Criteria:

  1. Students may not enroll in the course for which they plan to attempt a Challenge Examination
  2. A Challenge Examination may not be attempted for a course in which the student is currently enrolled, has previously taken (earned a grade, failed or withdrawn), or has transferred from another institution
  3. Students are limited to two challenge examination attempts per course. After two unsuccessful examination attempts, students should enroll in the course
  4. Credits earned through Challenge Examination count toward institutional residency requirements

Challenge Exams are offered for many of SCC courses to qualifying learners.  To help guide you toward exams that you may be qualified to take, you should follow the CPL General Procedure. Your Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator is a valuable resource in determining if a challenge exam will work for you.