SCC Success Stories

Photo of instructor, Eric Weller, presenting to students.

Eric Weller has had his share of ambulance rides. As an EMT by trade, he worked at Mayo Clinic Ambulance for over 27 years. Today he is a highly recognized industry expert in the field of pre-hospital emergency care. With decades of experience working in the field, he uses his skills and expertise to coordinate first responder, EMT, and paramedic courses as part of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program at South Central College (SCC), and its recognized workforce division, Customized Workforce Education (CWE).

Weller has a practical teaching approach using relevant knowledge he’s learned throughout the years. He has a no-frills, down-to-earth teaching style that allows for more hands-on instruction while trying new things and adopting the latest technology. Advances in the industry continue to evolve with computers and rapid diagnostic capabilities including computerized machines for chest compressions and many other innovative tools.

CWE has been at the forefront of workforce education with customized, hands-on, advanced training for professionals and organizations of all sizes and industries. As technology advances and workplace methods and strategies improve, there comes a need for employers and employees to align with these changes through relevant and consistent training.

Weller facilitates training for a wide variety of subjects but working with frontline healthcare providers and organization leaders is his forte. “Employers and team members need to have the skills to keep themselves and others safe when an emergency happens,” said Weller. “We never know when disruptions will occur but being prepared and planning ahead ensures everyone knows what to do if there is an emergency.”

No one can ever predict emergencies which is why it’s important for everyone to get training in foundational first aid and CPR education. Today’s employers are now discovering the advantages of having all their employees go through such new or refresher training because it demonstrates a commitment to employee safety. Weller has become an expert in emergency preparedness and disaster preparation with training, exercises, and drills along with strategies and planning. Disaster drills allow hospitals or organizations of all sizes to test response capabilities to emergencies and to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Many SCC instructors still work in the field and have actual, cutting-edge experience. CWE provides professionals and career seekers with the knowledge and skills that connect their training to real-life work. Employers are changing their mindset that training is not only about workforce development but about workforce strategy. By investing in the latest training and education, employees have increased satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. A more skilled and confident staff can do big things for a business's bottom line.

Change is the one constant in our society. As the world changes, the healthcare industry must evolve to meet new needs and expectations. The need for healthcare workers continues to grow. “We need people,” Weller said. “We need all levels of healthcare providers including an EMT for a local ambulance, a CNA at a nursing home, or a nurse at a clinic or hospital,” Weller says that students who are compassionate and patient with a desire to learn is all that’s needed to succeed in these roles.

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