SCC Success Stories

Photo of instructor presenting to students

More and more employers are working with South Central College’s Customized Workforce Education (CWE) to upskill employees so they can compete in today’s evolving workforce.

According to technological research and consulting firm Gartner, the pace of employee turnover is forecast to be 50–75% higher than companies have experienced previously, and the issue is compounded by it taking 18% longer to fill roles than pre-pandemic. Unless efforts are refocused on retention, managers will be unable to drive performance and affect change within their organizations.

One of the most critical keys to retention right now is upskilling to increase employee pay and responsibilities at work. In addition to improving retention, the total number of skills required for a single role is increasing by 6% annually, meaning that building critical skills within the workforce must be a top priority and developed quickly enough to meet the organization’s ever-evolving needs.

Non-credit certifications and workforce trainings are an efficient and effective way to build up a company’s workforce with the skills they need to meet production demands, as well as provide employees with an opportunity for professional development and career growth. And South Central College’s Customized Workforce Education division makes it easy for organizations to upskill their employees without the hassle of investing company time and energy to develop new trainings in-house.

From new supervisor skills and workplace communication to data analytics and certification exam prep, SCC’s workforce education courses are developed to meet organizational training needs while also being offered in a variety of formats to accommodate busy schedules and provide flexibility for working professionals. SCC’s expert trainers can even develop and lead a customized training program right at a company site.

In addition to upskilling and retaining current employees, organizations can also utilize SCC’s workforce education offerings to train new hires in the critical skills needed to fulfill their job duties. South Central College is forging an exciting new collaboration with Google and other national organizations to develop innovative pathways that will help adult learners gain transferable, job-ready skills for high-demand careers in data analytics, IT support, project management, UX design, and digital marketing. Employers in Southern Minnesota will be able to partner with South Central College to provide both new and longtime employees with these easily accessible, expert-developed trainings.

And finally, employees’ wellbeing should be taken into consideration when it comes to improving job satisfaction and retention, as well as increasing productivity. The Associated Press recently reported that untreated mental illness may cost companies up to $300 billion annually, and Harvard Business Review identified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – one of SCC’s newest workforce education offerings – as the most popular training program of its kind. MHFA participants learn to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health or substance use challenges among colleagues and direct reports on the job, and they’ll earn a 3-year certification from the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Customized Workforce Education can help you train, retain, and invest in your workforce.