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SCC’s digital phone system communicates across the network rather than using traditional phone wiring. The technology, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), adds features and capabilities not available in standard telephones. VoIP also reduces time and costs when phones need to be moved. Please use the guides below to help you utilize your phone effectively.


Quick Reference Card (142KB PDF) (142KB PDF) (153KB PDF) (158KB PDF)
Complete Phone Guide (1.5MB PDF) (1.5MB PDF) (413KB PDF) (576KB PDF)
Online Flash Tutorial Cisco 7940 eLearning Tutorial Cisco 7960 eLearning Tutorial Cisco 7912 eLearning Tutorial N/A

SCC Phones: Quick Reference Cards

If you need to order a phone or you are experiencing problems with your phone please contact the Help Desk @ 389-7280.