Follow these steps to self enroll using your office phone

  1. Open the Minnesota State Multifactor Authentiacation Self-Enrollment page.
  2. Complete the ‘additional security verification’ before enabling MFA by selecting the ‘additional security verification’ link.

    Screen shot of Minnesota States Multi-Factor Authentication web page
  3. Log in with you StarID credentials.
    • Students: [StarID]
    • Faculty/Staff: [StarID]

      Screen shot of Microsoft Sign-on Screen
  4. Once signed in, you will be prompted to provide more security information to your account. Click ‘Next

    Screen Shot of Next button

    The next screen will allow you to select your additional verification options.
  5. Under “what’s your preferred option?” select Call my authentication phone or Call my Office Phone.
  6. Choose your backup verification methods
    1. Select Authentication Phone and enter a phone number that is different from the listed Office Phone (listed below).
    2. If you have an office phone number assigned to you, Select Office Phone.
    3. Select Alternate authentication phone and enter a phone number different from any number listed previously, if available. This is a backup phone number if you cannot be reached at the Authentication Phone number.

      screen shot of additional security information page
  7. Click Save.
  8. Close Browser Tab to return to the Multi Factor Authentication Request browser tab.
  9. Click the Enable MFA button.

screen shot of enable MFA button