The Federal Government and the Minnesota Office of Higher Education fund the work-study programs.

Funding to the student comes in the form of a paycheck for hours worked in a designated work-study position. It is the intention of the program that students use the income they earn from their work-study position to pay any outstanding billing and to help them pay for their living expenses. Work-study funding is the only financial aid program that funding goes directly to the student without paying towards the student’s billing first. Students will receive a paycheck (direct deposit or paper check) on a bi-weekly pay schedule.

Work-study provides jobs at $10.00 per hour for students with financial need who want to earn part of their educational expenses. The hours a student may work depends upon the student's need, class schedule, and the job. Jobs are located on-campus, or off-campus with public or private non-profit agencies which have made arrangements with the South Central College. Part-time work-study employment is also available during the summer. Whenever possible, students are assigned to positions in their major field of study or interest. First priority for these positions is given to students having financial need, who apply by May 1st, and indicate work-study on their FAFSA application. A Work-Study Application must be completed prior to employment.  If you have any questions regarding work-study, please contact the Work-Study Coordinator at 507-389-7424. 

NOTE: A work-study award does not guarantee employment. Positions are posted on our website under Student Employment. Hiring decisions are made by the employer/supervisor.

To apply for work-study, please complete the Work-Study Application.
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