Student on Hold
0002 Academic Suspension – Students on academic suspension are not allowed to register. A student may submit an appeal to request registration. For more information about the appeal process, contact the Student Affairs Center.
0030 Records Office Hold – may include overdue library materials. Contact the Student Affairs Center: (Mankato: 507-389-7220) (Faribault: 507-332-5824)
0031 Unpaid Balance Hold – contact the Business Office at 507-389-7227

Student must take/pass test or satisfy course pre-reqs
Students should contact an academic advisor for detailed information about prerequisites and assessment test scores. For more information go to the Prerequisite Page on the SCC website.

Course Requires Special Permission Students will need to contact the instructor who signs a drop/add form giving the student permission to register. The drop/add form must be brought to the Student Affairs Center by the student in order to be registered.

Exceeds Maximum Credits Allowed by Classification Students will be allowed to register for a maximum of 20 credits in an academic term. Any student who wishes to register for more than 20 credits must complete a drop/add form and have the approval of an academic advisor. A student must be in good academic standing to request an overload.

Invalid Credits for the Course Enter ONLY if course has been designated as variable credits. Example: 2.0 is entered as 0200.

Only Defined Majors May Register for This Course Course is restricted to specific majors. If you have a question about what major is on file for you, contact the Student Affairs Center.

Registration Window is Currently Closed To check your registration window, select “Registration Window” under the “Courses & Registration” section.

Tuition Residence Type is Not Assigned Contact the Student Affairs Center: (North Mankato: 507-389-7220) (Faribault: 507-332-5824)