• SCC Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects the rights and wellbeing of human subjects involved in research at South Central College (SCC).

A Human Subject means: "a living individual about whom an investigator  (whether professional or student)   conducting research obtains (1)  data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2)   identifiable private information" (Code of Federal Regulations, 45  CFR 46.102f).

  • All research originating from SCC faculty, staff or students should be reviewed by IRB for the protection of human subjects.  Research activities includes but not limited to Surveys, Observations, interviews, questionnaires, and analysis of existing data.
  • Courses with class projects involving research with human subjects will require IRB review prior to the start of such research activities.  The use of human subjects in class research activities, even when data is not intended for generalization or publication, should model appropriate and ethical research conduct.  Once approved the instructor is responsible for overseeing the research activities and ensuring protection of human subjects.
  • Research originating from outside of SCC but involving the study of SCC students or employees must also be reviewed by the IRB.
  • All research must be approved by the IRB before starting the research project.
  • A non-compliance report will be sent to the Vice President Students Affairs for further action against the Researches conducted without the approval of IRB.

IRB Policy and Procedures

For additional information or general inquiries contact the Office of Strategic Enrollment and Institutional Effectiveness