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Get Your Career on Track Quickly and Easily
You no longer have to put your life on hold to go to college. Online learning at South Central College is a proven program that will help you achieve your higher education goals now!  With South Central Online, you can strike a workable balance between your family responsibilities and your career.  Our flexible learning plans are designed to allow you to fit your classwork and study time into your own unique daily schedule and all you need to get started is a computer with Internet access.

Personal Attention in Program Planning
To ensure your success in the online learning environment, South Central College program advisors will work with you to map out a class schedule that works for you.   In addition to assistance in setting up your learning plan, you’ll get additional support from having ready access to our Online Student Lounge and reliable technical help that’s just a click away.

Student Friendly Learning Environment
Because learning happens wherever you connect to the Internet, attending lectures, downloading notes, interacting with other students, submitting homework and taking exams can happen just by logging in. 

Fully Accredited Courses and Degrees
All of our online courses have gone through a national review process that ensures a high standard of quality and are fully accredited. In fact, they have the same course content as the classes offered face-to-face, many with transferable credit. 

It’s also valuable to remember that there is Financial Aid available that can make your college education affordable! Our financial aid advisors will provide you with information on how to apply for – and get - grants, loans, and scholarships.

A Flexible Schedule That Fits Your Life
We know your life is busy so most courses will allow you to learn without time intensive on-campus expectations. Whether you’re enrolling in SCC for career preparation, to increase your advancement potential or simply striving for greater personal fulfillment, you will experience learning that will enhance your quality of life. 

Knowledgeable Instructors Help You Learn and Succeed
All courses are taught by experienced South Central College instructors—many of whom have been an integral part of their program development team.  You benefit from their real world experience and from their shared interest in your educational goals.  SCC instructors care about your success and will be there to support you every step of the way as you complete all or part of your degree online.

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