Event is part of effort to increase female success in culinary arts

South Central College is holding a culinary arts competition for students called “The Amazing Culinary Race” on Friday, December 1 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  The fast-paced race will include culinary students participating in skills events at 12 different action stations over four hours. The event will take place in B124 on South Central College’s North Mankato Campus at 1840 Lee Boulevard.

The event is part of South Central College’s work with the Southern Minnesota Perkins Consortium to identify technical programs that are primarily pursued by a specific gender (males or females), and then take steps to encourage greater participation by the nontraditional gender. 

One such example is culinary arts, which generally attracts male students. SCC actually has more than the average number of female students in its Culinary Arts program, but last year identified the need to address completion in the program. This work started in spring 2017 and is continuing into this academic year with the Amazing Culinary Race, which specifically targets second year students. Students in their second year of the culinary program need to take classes that involve disciplines outside of cooking or baking, such as hospitality, sales, management and communication. This event will provide second year students an opportunity to get back where their passion is – the kitchen.