Mine Safety Training developed by SCC Center for Business & Industry earns National Awards

An innovative Digital Training Module on Mine Safety Personal Protective Equipment, created by the South Central College Center for Business and Industry (CBI), received 1st place in the multimedia category and Grand Prize overall at the 2017 National Training Resources Applied to Mining (TRAM) conference in October. The module was developed by CBI mine safety experts Robert Weston and Terry Weston. 

The TRAM Training Materials Competition awards were presented by the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s Jeffrey A. Duncan, Director of Educational Policy and Development and Mike Jude, Academy Training Instructor, and TRAM Training Materials Competition Chairman.

The conference was held at the MSHA’s National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beckley West Virginia, one of eight permanent academies operated by the U.S. Government (others include the four military academies, maritime academy, FBI academy and National Fire Academy). Mining professionals from across the United States and many foreign countries come to the Academy for health and safety training. 

This is the fourth 1st place category award and the third Grand Prize awarded to CBI. Additional CBI Grand Prize training modules include Electrical Hazards in the Mining Industry (2015) and Hazard Communication (2011).

CBI has provided mine safety and health training since 1982, with Terry Weston and Robert Weston serving as the program’s OSHA/MSHA Coordinators since 2002 and 2004 respectively. Robert Weston is also President of the Minnesota Mine Safety Association. There are approximately 250,500 non-coal miners in the U.S., with CBI training approximately 4,600 in fiscal year 2017.