South Central College Eliminates Application Fee to Remove Barriers and Improve Value 

South Central College (SCC) announced today that it has eliminated the $20 application fee that has been a standard cost for prospective college students for decades. 

According to Dr. Annette Parker, president of South Central College, “Part of our mission is to be vigilant about providing the most value possible to our students, so it only made sense to do away with our application fee.”  In addition, there is a trend at colleges and universities around the country to forego the application fee in order to provide more applicants with an opportunity to apply even if they are unsure they want to attend college. 

Over the past few years, South Central College has participated in the “College Knowledge Month” initiative in October which gets high school students started on their college search process by filling out college applications. Free Application to Minnesota State Schools is also promoted in October, with some colleges and universities opting to allow free applications throughout the whole month of October.  The success of SCC’s participation in these programs helped the college realize the impact eliminating the application fee year-round could have.

Those interested in attending SCC can visit or call 507-389-7200.