South Central College (SCC) is proud to offer a number of services to those who have served our country.

One of the most impactful is a special Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) service specifically designed for current and former military members who wish to receive college credit for their military learning experiences. The Veterans Education Transfer System (VETS), which SCC has participated in for the past two year, is a web-based tool that makes it easy to find programs that award academic credit for military occupations and trainings. VETS was established by the Minnesota State system, which works with colleges and universities to “map” their coursework to military training, based on American Council on Education recommendations. SCC currently has more than 100 courses mapped to a wide variety of military occupations and training.  Service members can see which courses will automatically be accepted for credit at SCC by visiting

SCC also recently streamlined its general process for all CPL participants, which could benefit veterans and active duty service members as well. In addition to military education and occupations, SCC provides CPL for knowledge gained from work experience, employer training programs, volunteer or community service, open source courses and self-study. Individuals wishing to receive CPL based on these additional sources of learning must demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter by completing an assessment conducted by faculty. To make this process smoother for students, the college’s faculty are developing of a menu of courses for which students can earn CPL, with ready-to-go assessments designed for easy implementation. The college has also hired a dedicated CPL and Transfer Coordinator to provide personalized service to students wishing to pursue CPL.  More information on all South Central College’s CPL options is available at