SCC Success Stories

Photo of SCC Culinary Arts student Maisey Auringer

For several years, Career and Technical Education (CTE) careers have experienced increased growth. CTE refers to courses and programs designed to prepare students for careers in current or emerging professions that can be completed in two years or less. Students benefit through learning real-world skills and practical knowledge in their selected career focus.

The programs are flexible, forward-thinking, student-centered with modern labs, and well worth the investment. SCC works with industry partners to develop a curriculum that prepares students with the skills they seek. The programs connect students with high-skill, high-demand career options.

SCC’s Culinary Arts Program prepares students for a career in the food service industry. Maisey Auringer, Culinary Arts student, has always loved cooking, and now she’s on her way to making it into a successful career. SCC instructors Chef Michael Broughton and Chef Liz Kliewer guide her to be the best she can be in the kitchen. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Chefs and Head cooks 2020-2030 is growing at 25%, much faster than the average for other industries.

Today, more than ever, employers want to hire employees who can hit the ground running with the academic knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed.



SCC’s Career and Technical programs include: