Badges are the new credential for validating knowledge and skills in the digital world. An open badge is an online representation of mastery of a skill, achievement, outcome, competency, as well as verification of a technical competence through projects, programs, courses, assessments, and other activities. Badges are being used for professional development, continuing education, technical certification, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and for online and on-campus courses. Badges enable academic institutions and professional associations to recognize professional and experimental learning achievement in a way that can be verified and shared online.

Open Badges

If you have earned an Open Badge(s) that aligns with SCC’s programs you may be able to earn college credit.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Badges will be checked for validity
  2. Badges may need to be verified through demonstration of the knowledge and skill acquired

In order to seek credits for a Badge(s) complete the following:

  1. Provide evidence of each Badge
  2. Provide criteria for earning each badge from the issuing organization
  3. Provide contact information for the issuing organization