There are a number of ways students can earn college credit by taking college-level courses while still in high school. Academically advanced high school students may be homeschooled or students ready for more rigorous study. You can improve your chances of graduating on time and may even save money on college costs if you earn college credits early. There are several ways to do this including testing out of college classes and taking college-level classes while in high school. If you are interested in earning college credits early, talk to your high school guidance counselor and college admissions staff to find out which options may work for you.

Below are some options for earning credit before starting college at SCC:

Advanced Placement Exam (AP)
Advanced Placement is a program of the College Entrance Examination Board through which secondary student’s complete college-level courses in high school that are designated as AP and earn college credits by demonstrating a specified level of performance on AP examinations. The AP examinations, which are scored on a 5-point scale, can be taken by any student who feels prepared by independent study or other preparation as well as by students who complete AP courses.

SCC will grant credit for AP examinations according to the following:

  • A score of 3 shall be the minimum for credit awards
  • AP testing information can be found at

International Baccalaureate (IB)
The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an internationally recognized program through which secondary students complete a comprehensive curriculum of rigorous study and demonstrate performance on IB examinations. The examination for the diploma covers six subjects, three or four of which must be at the higher level and others at the subsidiary level. Students may present an official IB diploma or a certificate recognizing specific higher level or subsidiary level test scores for consideration.

SCC will grant credit for IB examinations according to the following:

  1. IB diploma
    • Students who attain an IB diploma will be granted six (6) lower division course credits for scores of 4 or higher on each higher level IB examinations and two (2) lower division course credits for scores of 4 or higher on each standard level IB examination
  2. Individual IB examinations
    • Higher level examinations. A student will receive three (3) or more course credits for scores of 4 or higher on individual higher level IB examinations
    • Standard level examinations. A student shall receive two (2) or more credits for scores of 4 or higher on individual standard level IB examinations
  3. IB testing information can be found at

Minnesota Articulated College Credit (Tech Prep)
CTECreditMN is a consortium of high schools and colleges who work together to provide students a pathway from high school to college. Students may earn Articulated College Credit for high school courses completed in grades 10-12.

Visit to see what high schools and colleges are participating in Minnesota Articulated College Credit.  Options available from South Central College can be seen on the college's CPL Course List page.

In order to seek credits for a Minnesota Articulated College Credit complete the following:

  • Student must be admitted and enrolled in SCC
  • Provide a valid articulated college credit record which lists South Central College

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)
Students can get a jump start on earning college credits by taking college courses while they are still in high school through Minnesota’s PSEO program. This program allows students to take college courses tuition free, saving both time and money on completing a college degree. PSEO courses may also fulfill high school course requirements and count toward a high school diploma.