Below are some frequently asked questions and answers concerning the nursing program which may assist you.

What are the steps to apply to the nursing program?
Click here to view  or print our overview chart on the Steps to get into the Nursing programs.

What are the courses involved with your nursing program?
Click here to view the program guides for the Practical Nursing Diploma Program and for the Professional (RN) Associate in Science Degree Program.

Chemistry: Do I need to take college-level chemistry?
Yes, applicants must provide evidence of completion of Chemistry 108, Chemistry 110, or equivalent, with a grade of "C" or higher. 

Which Chemistry courses will meet the pre-requisite for the nursing program?
Each college may have a different numbering system for their courses. Chemistry 108 OR Chemistry 110 are the SCC pre-requisites. Most 100 level Chemistry courses from other colleges may be accepted if the course is a transferable general education course. Transfer students should be in contact with the Transfer Specialist to have their transfer work evaluated.

As an applicant who is not an LPN, do I first need to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?
Applicants do not need to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), but MUST demonstrate they are current on the Minnesota registry as a Nursing Assistant, Registered. This is a minimum qualification for the core-nursing application for the applicants who are not LPNs already. Proof of current registry must be demonstrated at the time of application.

As an applicant who is not an LPN, do I need to stay current with the NUrsing Assistant Registry the entire time I am a student or do I need to be current only for application to the nursing program?
Every non LPN transistion nursing student must remain current on the Nursing Assistant Registry through the Minnesota Board of Nursing for the first semester of NURS courses of their academic program.

What type of CPR is required for the nursing program?
Evidence of current "Professional" Training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for all ages (newborn through adult); including 2-person rescuer scenarios, foreign-body obstruction and the use of an automated external defibrillator before the core nursing program. It is the student's responsibility to obtain and maintain  current certification. Students will not be allowed to participate in clinical activities (in core nursing program) without current certificiation in CPR. It is the student's responsibility  to present documentation of current certification to the Nursing Program. The American Heart Association's Health Care Provider CPR is recommended and available at SCC as HLTH 1950.

Do I need CPR to make application to the core-nursing programs?
No. Applicants do NOT need CPR to make application to the core-nursing programs. They will, however, need it before beginning the core-nursing programs.

When can I apply to the nursing program?

  • Prospective students can apply any semester for the Pre-Nursing program. Pre-Nursing accepts students for fall, spring, or summer terms.
  • Application for the core-nursing programs occurs twice a year: March and September with continuous application being review monthly based on seat availability in the cohort (See How to Apply or attend a Nursing Information Session for more details).  A TEAS Entrance exam is required as part of the core-Nursing application. Dates and times for the TEAS exam are listed on the Entrance Exam page.

How do I apply to the nursing programs?
Interested students must first apply to SCC to become a Pre-Nursing student. When qualified, students may later apply to the core-nursing program. For more information on the core-nursing application process, go to the "how to apply" webpage.

What if my application is incomplete?
Incomplete applications will not be considered. Be sure to include all requested information and copies at the time of application

What is the ranking criteria for acceptance to the nursing program?
Application to the core-Nursing program is based on the results of the required TEAS Entrance exam. In the event of a tie-break situation, "nursing" GPA will then be used.

  • Applicants must provide evidence of completion of high school chemistry or complete Chemistry 108, Chemistry 110, or equivalent, with a grade of "C" or higher. Students who have successfully completed chemistry in high school will have three years from the date of high school graduation to the point of core-nursing application for their chemistry to be considered towards application criteria. If applicants do not meet this criterion, they must take Chemistry 108, Chemistry 110, or equivalent.