If you are admitted to South Central College on probation or if you are returning to South Central College after suspension you will be required to set up a meeting with an academic advising team member. This meeting is designed to help students achieve their goals and to help students achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress (view SCC's policy).

Students that do not meet with an advisor will be unable to register for classes.  To learn more about meeting with an advisor visit our Academic Advising page.

Academic Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Form and Process:
The appeal process is both to return to school and to request financial aid.  For more information please refer to our Satisfactory Academic Program Policy. If you are on suspension from SCC and are planning to come back to SCC, or are planning to come to SCC from another college following an Academic or Conduct Suspension, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Reapply or apply to SCC
  • Submit all application materials in order to get readmitted or admitted to SCC
  • Submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form, found on the SCC Forms page under "Registration Forms."
  • If denied, you may appeal during the following semester.
  • If approved, meet with an academic advisor to go over your unique situation and what steps you plan to take to achieve and maintain satisfactory academic progress.  After this meeting your registration hold will be removed for the semester you are registering for. 

If you are transferring from another college, ALL of the steps in the admission process must be completed BEFORE your appeal will be reviewed.

If it has been less than one academic year since your suspension, you will have to describe and/or show documentation of extenuating circumstances surrounding the suspension.  There are no guarantees that an appeal will be approved.

Below are examples of extenuating circumstances:

  • Last semester GPA was at least a 2.5 with a 100% completion rateTranscript required
  • Medical or mental health issues – A doctor’s statement on letterhead
  • A death in the immediate family – Father, mother, guardian, sibling, etc.
  • Military call for active duty – Copy of official military orders
  • Family/relationship issues (i.e. abusive relationship) – Legal documentation may be necessary
  • Disability issues not previously diagnosed or documentedVerified documentation
  • Natural disaster Flood, fired or tornado
  • Loss of job Documentation may be necessary (i.e. unemployment verification)

It may happen that the academic appeal is approved but financial aid is denied. If this happens, students will be responsible to pay for ALL tuition and fees. If students choose to not attend because of this, that is your choice.

If you do register for classes after a successful appeal, in which you were not approved for financial aid, it is your responsibility to arrange a payment plan to pay for your courses, or your courses may be dropped at the discretion of the college.