Enhancing the SCC Experience

The Foundation
The sole purpose of the South Central College Foundation is to support the College and its students. With the donations raised, we provide opportunities to advance the educational pursuits of our students through scholarships and to advance the College's ever-expanding programming. We hope you take this opportunity to learn about the SCC Foundation and how you can partner with the College to provide new opportunities for students.

You Can Help
You can help secure the future with a gift today. For more information on how to give please call the Foundation at 507-389-7342. Your donations can be designated for any of the following reasons.

1. Student Scholarships and Awards: With the rising cost of tuition and the rising   numbers of students attending SCC, there is no shortage of need for student scholarships. Gifts to scholarships can help support a financial need, reward academic excellence and/or encourage students to complete a degree.

2. Instructional Equipment: Students must be trained on state-of-the-art equipment; industry depends on it.  To suit the needs of the students and businesses, dollars raised by the foundation can provide necessary equipment that cannot be purchased through dwindling state budgets. 

 3. Faculty Development Grants: Educators must be up-to-date.  SCC's faculty members are committed to providing relevant, current education to SCC students.  Through our faculty development grant program, faculty can participate in internships and special team projects to enhance classroom activities for students.

 4. Estate Planning: Please consider the SCC Foundation in your estate planning.  There are many ways for you to make a generous donation to SCC through a planned giving program.  An advantageous partnership can be planned between you, your heirs and SCC. 

Presidential Scholars with Arin AanensonFor additional information, please contact the Foundation Office:

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Erin Aanenson, Executive Director
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Martha Broadbent Johnson, Administrative Assistant
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