South Central College provides online safety training to employees and students. This training is available within the college's learning management system, D2L Brightspace.

This is an interactive educational curriculum for the entire campus community regarding personal safety and security. It is intended to present the student with basic skills to protect themselves and their property. The presentations are not an endorsement or directive to take any of the actions portrayed, simply to provide instruction on individual actions to prevent crimes, protect persons and secure possessions.

Training available includes:

  • The 360 Stay Safe Training includes various topical areas that relate to personal safety information.  These personal safety modules may be applicable in a classroom setting focusing on personal safety or are good for one’s own knowledge base.
  • The Shots Fired Training provides information that is pertinent in situations involving active shooter situations within an educational facility.  This training modules provides practical tips in being prepared for this type of event.

To access these training Modules:

If you have question regarding the content of the course training materials, please contact Al Kluever, Security and Safety Director, by phone 507-389-7412 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.