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Online education is a positive experience for most students, but it's not right for everyone.  Take the Minnesota State distance learning quiz to help you decide if online courses are a good choice. Feedback on your quiz answers will help you better understand what it takes to succeed.


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Top considerations before you take an online course

  • You’ll need a computer and an Internet connection. Check technology requirements for online courses.
  • Internet and computer skills are required.
  • Online education courses are often accelerated and are most beneficial if you are motivated and can work independently.
  • You will need to devote a sufficient number of hours each week toward your online education studies.
  • You must be able to express yourself well in writing.
  • You can simultaneously take on-campus and online education courses.
  • Some online courses may require you to attend class in person some of the time or at least check in at specific times. Check the course description for more information.
  • Many students who aren't comfortable participating in on-campus classes find they contribute more freely in online education classes.


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