Visit the "How to Apply" page to learn about the admissions steps and policies. 

  1. Because we are an open-access institution, there is no application fee. 
  2. You must be admitted to SCC in order to receive financial aid. 
  3. South Central Online students follow the same admissions guidelines and procedures as they would if enrolling for on-campus classes. 

Next Steps after Admission:

  1. Online Orientation. All new SCC students must complete Online Orientation before registration. View the "Next Steps After Admssion" page to find more information about completing Online Orientation.
  1. Registration. After acceptance for admission, you will receive information necessary for registration. With that information, you can enroll in classes through SCC's E-Services.

If you do not plan to complete a degree, diploma, or certificate at South Central College, you are considered a Visiting Student.  You can find more information on the "Visiting Students" page.  Note: you are not eligible for Financial Aid as a visiting student.

For help with admissions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 507-389-7200, option 1.