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The Student Engagement and Success Committee will support students at South Central College by creating a student focused environment that enables faculty, staff, and students to provide opportunities for successful completion of academic and professional career option goals.


The purpose of the Student Engagement and Success Committee is to educate the college community on student engagement best practices, create and offer initiatives that support student engagement and success, and to provide resources and support for academic success to students, faculty, and staff.


Members: Nicole Hamilton, Candy Laven, Susan Mucha, Elizabeth Prange, Lisa Schickling, Wendy Sandstrom, Elaine Hardwick, Jane Greathouse, Judy Endres, Laura Beilke

Students: Vanessa Anderson (Faribault Campus), Mustafa Hassan (North Mankato Campus)

Administrator: Dr. Susan Tarnowski


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Institutional and System Alignment 

South Central College’s 2015-2017 Strategic Priorities

Goal – Holistic Learner Services

  • Implement a comprehensive First Year Initiative through AQIP action projects to improve our welcoming environment, followed by a comprehensive menu and intentional plan around services and supports provided to students in their first year.
  • Pursue additional avenues for logistic learner services through continuous quality improvement in academic support, advising and career counseling.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system Charting the Future Work Plan

1.1.2 Strengthen academic alignment  
1.1.3 Metric on satisfaction of advising
1.1.4 Implement ASA policy
1.1.5 Identify partnership opportunities
3.1.1 Deploy financial literacy programs for students

Minnesota State College and Universities system Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework #1: Ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans

Strategy 1: Establish clear pathways for students that lead to increased retention and completion.
1.1.2 Strengthen academic advising
1.1.3 Develop a metric on satisfaction and the efficacy of advising
1.1.4 Review and revise policies (where appropriate) to mitigate unintended consequences and remove unnecessary barriers
1.1.5 Identify partnership opportunities for technology tools to support retention and completion

Strategic Framework #3: Deliver to students, employers, communities and taxpayers the highest value/most affordable option

Strategy 1: Deliver to students the most affordable option to an extraordinary education
3.1.1 Ensure affordability for all students


2015 – 2017 Student Engagement and Success Plan


  1. Strengthen Academic Advising
  2. Evaluate Technology Tools to Support Retention and Completion
  3. Review ASA Policies
  4. Create and Deploy a Financial Literacy Program for Students & Families
  5. Establish Student Focus Groups to ensure student input and perspectives are included in decision making
  6. Create a Comprehensive Student Success Plan

Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Supporting Documents