Policy Statement

Academic Forgiveness provides students who have not studied at South Central College for a period of at least three calendar years a one-time opportunity to establish a new grade point average (GPA). This policy will not apply if a student has earned a degree, diploma or certificate from SCC for the period in which they are asking forgiveness.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for academic forgiveness.


This policy is available to all SCC students providing they meet the policy requirements.


Students who request academic forgiveness under this policy must meet the following conditions:

  1. The student must not have been enrolled for any credit classes at South Central College for a minimum of three calendar years prior to the point of academic forgiveness.
  2. The student must be readmitted to SCC and must complete at least 12 credits in consecutive terms (summer term not required) with a 2.0 term GPA and 67% completion before academic forgiveness will be considered.

The student must submit a request for academic forgiveness to the Registrar. The student must indicate the semester at which academic forgiveness would begin. All semesters prior to the selected date will be impacted. Academic forgiveness will be considered on a semester basis only; course-by- course considerations will not be given.

There will be no financial refunds associated with academic forgiveness. All financial obligations to the college must be satisfied.

Academic forgiveness at SCC will only be granted once in a student’s academic career.

Major Sections

The student must request the academic forgiveness by completing the form in the Registrar’s Office.

The Registrar will review the request and make the determination if the eligibility requirements have been met. The student will be notified by email to their SCC email account whether or not the request for academic forgiveness has been granted.

If the request for academic forgiveness is granted, the Registrar will make the following adjustments to the student’s transcript:

  1. The student transcript will be separated into two sections indicating the point of academic forgiveness. Academic Forgiveness will be noted on the student transcript.
  2. No credit will be granted for any course completed at SCC prior to the point of academic forgiveness. Excluded courses cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirement to include degree or graduation requirements. The courses will no longer impact the cumulative grade point average (GPA). The courses will no longer impact the cumulative completion percentage. The course titles and grades will remain visible on the student transcript.
  3. Federal financial aid regulations do not recognize academic renewal.
  4. Transfer institutions may not honor SCC’s Academic Forgiveness Policy.


Date of Last Review: n/a
Date of Next Review: 4/20/21