The purpose of this policy is to articulate college admission requirements.


The following definitions apply for the purposes of this policy.

  • Admission. Admission means a student’s initial entrance as a candidate for a certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Academic or Career Program. Academic or career program means a major leading to an academic credential.

Major Sections

Subpart A: General Admissions

South Central College considers all applicants for admission regardless of age, race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or national origin.

Admission to the college is open to all students meeting the College’s admission requirements. South Central College shall provide clear, accessible information to potential students regarding requirements for appropriate level of academic preparation necessary for success in specific courses or programs of study. Admission to the College does not automatically qualify a student for all college-level courses and programs. Some programs also require special prerequisites and requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the college is open to all students meeting the College’s admission requirements.

  1. Any individual who has graduated from an accredited high school or successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) examination is eligible for admission.
  2. Applicants without a high school diploma, or GED who meet the “Ability to Benefit” standards.

Application Deadline

Complete application on file prior to the start of the semester.

Deferred Admissions

Students whose Course Readiness Assessment results are at the Adult Basic Education (ABE) level in either reading or writing will receive a deferred admission to the College. As a result a student may not enroll until they demonstrate college readiness in both reading and writing.

Students Whose First Language is Not English. Applicants whose primary language is not English and those who have graduated from a high school where the instruction was other than English, must demonstrate English language competency prior to enrollment.

  1. Students Suspended for Academic Reasons. Students with an active suspension are required to submit an Academic Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Form after completing the admissions process. Admission will not be granted unless the appeal is approved.
  2. Students Suspended for Disciplinary Reasons. Students who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons from any postsecondary institution may be denied admission. An appeal may be submitted and will be reviewed by the Dean of Students.
  3. Financial Holds. South Central College may admit a student who has a financial hold at another college or university but shall not allow the student to enroll in courses until the financial hold has been removed.

Subpart B: International Students

Individuals who are not citizens of the United States and who reside outside the United States or individuals in the United States on a non-immigrant F-1 student visa. The international application for admissions is required along with documentation of high school graduation, English proficiency and sufficient financial resources before consideration of admissions to the College.

Application Deadlines

New International Students must have all materials submitted by May 1 for fall semester and September 1 for spring semester. The application for international students, already in the United States and desiring transfer, is July 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester. There is no summer admissions for international students.

Subpart C: Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program:

Minnesota high school juniors and seniors may enroll at South Central College through Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program administrated by the MN Department of Education for fall and spring semesters. Admissions guidelines for PSEO follows those set forth by Minnesota State.

Application Deadlines

July 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester. The PSEO program is not funded for summer term.

Other Requirements/Restrictions

Students must demonstrate college readiness to enroll in college level courses paid for by the PSEO program and students are not eligible to enroll in developmental courses, courses with supplemental fees of more than $85, and cannot receive financial aid.

Subpart D: Visiting Students:

Students currently admitted to another college or university may choose to enroll at South Central College as a visiting student and are not required to apply for admissions. These students are not candidate for a degree, diploma, or certificate from SCC. Other requirements/restrictions Students must meet established course prerequisites or placement guidelines to enroll in specific courses and visiting student status cannot enroll in more than 22 credits per semester including all Minnesota State credits. Visiting student status is not available to those currently on suspension, students who have been expelled or students who have a financial hold of more than $30 at another post-secondary institution. Financial aid is not available from South Central College, however these students may receive financial aid from their home college.

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Date of last review: 3/15/19