The purpose of this policy is to articulate college admission and enrollment requirements.


The following definitions apply for the purposes of this policy.

  • Ability to Benefit. The Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015 amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 to partially restore what is known as the “ability to benefit (ATB) alternatives.” The law went into effect December 16, 2014, and allows for a student who did not receive a high school diploma or its equivalent, or who did not complete a secondary school education in a homeschool setting, to be eligible for Title IV financial aid meeting a combination of ATB alternatives and enrollment in an eligible career pathways program. 
  • Admission. A student’s initial entrance as a candidate for a certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Academic or Career Program. A major leading to an academic credential.
  • Enrollment. The onboarding process for new students, including admission to college.
  • International student. A student who holds an F-1 student visa.
  • Non-degree seeking student. A student who is not seeking a degree or certificate at the college. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Visiting student. A student who is not admitted to the college, but has registered for courses by creating an e-Services account or through their e-Services account at another Minnesota State institution. Visiting students may be eligible for financial aid through their home institution.

Major Sections

Subpart A: General Admissions

South Central College considers all applicants for admission regardless of race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or familial status.

Admission to the College does not automatically qualify a student for all college-level courses and programs.  Some programs also require special prerequisites and requirements.

Subpart B: Admissions Requirements

Admission to the college is open to all students meeting the College’s admission requirements.

  • Any individual who has graduated from an accredited high school or successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) examination is eligible for admission.
  • Applicants without a high school diploma or GED who meet other requirements as defined by Minnesota State “Ability to Benefit” standards.

Subpart C: Application Deadline

Complete the application on file prior to the start of the semester.

Subpart D: Course Placement

All new students will be evaluated for course placement in college level courses through multiple measures including high school grade point average, guided self- placement, or previously taken course placement test.

Subpart E: Students Suspended for Academic Reasons.

Students with an active suspension are required to submit an Academic and Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Form after completing the admissions process.  Admission will not be granted unless the appeal is approved or they have served their suspension.

Subpart F: Students Suspended for Disciplinary Reasons

Students who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons from any post-secondary institution may be denied admission.  An appeal may be submitted and will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

Subpart G: Financial Holds

South Central College may admit a student who has a financial hold at another college or university but shall not allow the student to enroll in courses until the financial hold has been removed.

Subpart H: Transcripts

Students who have earned college level credit must submit official transcripts for purposes of course placement and transfer credit evaluation.

Subpart I: Selective Health Science Programs

Nursing and health science programs have established selective admission processes.  Refer to academic program pages for deadlines, program requirements, and selection process.

Subpart J:  International Students

Section 1. Individuals who have been issued with an F-1 student visa for the purpose of completing a program of study in the United States.  The definition of ‘international student’ applies to students who have either been issued with an F-1 student visa outside the U.S. at a U.S. embassy or consulate or with an F-1 student visa from inside the U.S. through the process of Change of Status (from another type of visa) by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Section 2. Application Deadlines. New International Students must have all materials submitted by May 1 for Fall semester and September 1 for Spring semester.  The application for international students already in the United States and desiring transfer is July 1 for Fall semester and November 1 for Spring semester.  Summer admissions for international students is not allowed.

Section 3. Students Whose First Language is Not English. Applicants whose primary language is not English and those who have graduated from a high school where the instruction was other than English must demonstrate English language competency prior to enrollment.

Subpart K:  Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program

Section 1. Minnesota high school sophomores, juniors and seniors may enroll at South Central College through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program administrated by the MN Department of Education for Fall and Spring semesters.  Admissions guidelines for PSEO follow those set forth by Minnesota State and described in SCC PSEO Procedure 3.0501.0001

Section 2. Application Deadlines. South Central College does not have an application deadline to admit PSEO students.

Section 3. Other requirements/restrictions. Students must demonstrate college readiness to enroll in college level courses paid for by the PSEO program and students are not eligible to enroll in developmental courses, courses with supplemental fees of more than $100, and cannot receive financial aid. The PSEO program is not funded for Summer term.

Subpart L:  Visiting Students

Section 1. Students currently admitted to another college or university may choose to enroll at South Central College as a visiting student and are not required to apply for admissions.  These students are not candidates for a degree, diploma, or certificate from SCC.

Section 2. Students must meet established course prerequisites or placement guidelines to enroll in specific courses and visiting students cannot enroll in more than 22 credits per semester including all Minnesota State credits. 

Section 3. Visiting student status is not available to those currently on suspension, students who have been expelled, or students who have a financial hold of more than $30 at another post-secondary institution.

Section 4. Financial aid is not available from South Central College; however these students may receive financial aid from their home college via a consortium agreement. 

Date of last review: 11/29/2022