Purpose Statement

To establish a student complaint process


Informal Complaint Process

A student is encouraged to discuss or submit a complaint directly with the college employee(s) whose actions give rise to the complaint and/or with the supervisor to whom the employee(s) report(s) in order to clarify and/or resolve the complaint.

Formal Complaint Process

If no resolution can be reached in the informal complaint process between the student and staff member, the student may complete the SCC Student Complaint form. If a student is unable to complete this form, they are encouraged to seek assistance from a Student Affairs advisor, counselor or other staff.  A submitted complaint is routed to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs for assignment.

A submitted complaint will be designated to a reviewer within two business days.

  • Academic complaints (grades, program requirements, faculty concerns, etc.) will be routed to the appropriate academic dean and department chair, if applicable.
  • Business operations complaints (tuition, parking, building and grounds) will be routed to the Vice President of Finance and Operations.
  • Student Affairs department complaints (Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Advising, Academic Support, etc.) will be routed to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • Student Code of Conduct and Academic Dishonesty complaints will be addressed in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and Academic Dishonesty policies and procedures (see related policies).
  • Other complaints will be routed to the appropriate supervisor.

After assigning a reviewer, the student will receive a response from the reviewer within ten business days. If the complaint cannot be resolved with the reviewer, the student may request in writing a grievance

Grievance Procedure

If the student does not agree with the outcome of the Complaint Process and the complaint constitutes a grievance, the student may submit a formal grievance in writing to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.  After reviewing all documentation and meeting with the student, the Vice President will issue a response in writing.

Appeal Procedure

SCC will follow Minnesota State Board System Procedure: 3.8.1 Student Complaints and Grievances, Subpart C - Appeals

List of Related Policies or Procedures

3.08 Student Complaints and Grievances policy (System)
3.08.01 Student Complaints and Grievances procedure (System)
3.06 Student Conduct policy (System)
3.06.01 Student Conduct procedure (System)
3.0601 Student Code of Conduct policy
3.0601.0001 Student Code of Conduct procedure

Date of Last Review: 05/26/2022