In accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 3.08, a student has the right to seek remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a complaint or grievance procedure.


This policy addresses a student’s right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a designated complaint or grievance procedure. South Central College (SCC) encourages students to use available informal means to have decisions reconsidered before filing a complaint or grievance.

  • The Student Complaints and Grievance Procedure does not supersede existing college or system policies or procedures that include an appeal or grievance process, such as a grade appeal or a discrimination or harassment complaint.
  • Upon completion of the Student Complaint process, and if the complaint is not resolved, students have the ability to submit a formal grievance with South Central College.
  • No retaliation of any kind will be taken against a student for participation in a complaint or grievance. Complaints and grievance procedures are protected under data privacy rights.
  • Out of State Student Complaint Process: South Central College has a formal Student Complaint Policy and Procedure. If your issue can't be resolved using this policy and procedure at South Central College you may contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. If you reside in another state here is a list of state contacts.


Complaint - A verbal or written claim concerning a college issue alleging improper, unfair, or arbitrary treatment.
Grievance - A written claim raised by a student alleging improver, unfair, or arbitrary action by an employee involving the application of a college or board policy or procedure.
Retaliation - Retribution taken against a student for participating or not participating in a complaint or grievance. Retaliation of any kind is prohibited.
Student - An individual or group of individuals enrolled at South Central College.


Concerns and Complaint Information
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Date of Last Review: 05/26/2022