Policy Statement

Reporting of injuries or occupational illnesses that occur on South Central College property is required.


This policy is designed to ensure the proper reporting of injuries and occupational illnesses.


This policy applies to all students, visitors, volunteers, and off-duty South Central College Employees and any other persons injured on South Central College properties.

Major Sections

It is required that all persons injured or suffer an occupational illness on South Central College properties to report it promptly.  The forms can be found online at https://southcentral.edu/Security/campus-security.html



Supervisors are responsible to complete the forms for employee injuries and turn them in to Human Resources. If you need to contact HR for assistance call 507-389-7234. Instructors who receive notification from a student claiming an injury/illness that results from the participation in program activities will immediately report the incident to their Dean, fill out the General Injury Liability form and turn it in to Human Resources. Reported non-occupational related injuries/illnesses (no matter how minor), must be reported by the employee online at https://southcentral.edu/Security/campus-security.html using the First Report of Injury – Employee Statement to Human Resources within 24 hours of the incident occurring.


List of related policies or procedures:

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Date of Last Review: 3/18/2021