Purpose Statement

South Central College recognizes and supports the members of its community who wish to use preferred names where legally permissible. This procedure outlines a process by which individuals at South Central College may designate a preferred name to be used in the course of College business and education.


This procedure applies to employees and students of South Central College.


Preferred Name:  A preferred name is a name that a person has chosen to identify themselves within South Central College that is different, in whole or in part, from their legal name.  


Employees and students may choose a preferred name that will be used for identification within the System except where legal name is required by System business or legal needs, or where technical constraints exist. Where a preferred name is used, the legal name should not be displayed in the same field. Employee requests for use of a preferred name must be submitted in writing to the Human Resources Office; identification may be requested for security purposes. Student requests for use of a preferred name must be submitted to the Director of Advising & Registration; identification may be requested for security purposes.

Subpart A. Designating a Preferred Name

An individual shall generally be permitted to designate any preferred name, including first, middle and/or last name. South Central College reserves the right to deny an inappropriate preferred name including, but not limited to, those that: avoid legal obligations, misrepresent, or violate other system policies, etc. Preferred names may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes and thus may not be a company name, group name or message.

South Central College shall use preferred names for email address, online directory, class rosters, student ID and other functions where technically and legally possible.

Legal names shall be used by default in all cases except where specifically identified in the preferred name list. This list shall be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to achieve the overall goal of this procedure, which is to provide for the use of “preferred name where legally permissible.”

Subpart B. Implementation

The System Office Information Technology Division will be responsible for implementing the use of preferred names within ISRS. South Central College is responsible for implementing the display of preferred names in their local applications.

Subpart C. Appeals

Should the Chief Human Resources Officer deny the preferred name request, the employee may submit in writing to the President to review and make a final determination.  Should the Director of Advising & Registration deny the preferred name request, the student may submit in writing to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs to review and make a final determination.  

Subpart D. Dissemination

Information about this procedure shall be included in new employee orientation, on the HR SharePoint site, and on the Website for student access.


Preferred Name Request form 

List of Related Procedures or Policies

1B.01.02 Preferred Name procedure (System)  


Date of Last Review: 3/5/2020