Policy Statement

The College recognizes its responsibility in providing a healthful environment and the safest conditions for its students.

Part 2. Purpose/Authority

Effectiveness of the instructional programs is in large part determined by an environment free from disruptions to the learning process. A loss of educational production is the ultimate result of an employee or student accident or illness. Accidents resulting in personal injury and damage to property and equipment represent needless waste.

Major Sections

Effective supervision of students shall remain in force whenever students are under supervision of college personnel. Student safety shall be an integral part of the curriculum in all programs and in all subjects.

South Central College, in compliance with the Clery Act, has a policy on emergency response, notification, and evacuation procedures.

We recognize the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and associated state legislation to be appropriate to and consistent with the purposes of the college. The application of federal and state standards for working conditions, structural limits and acceptable work practices shall be continuous and integral.


Date of Last Review: 1/25/15