Purpose Statement

Provide clear and consistent practices for accepting transfer credit to SCC.


Collegiate transfer work:  Completed courses from other higher education institutions

Non-collegiate transfer work:  Other learning experiences such as credit for prior learning, industry credentials, military credit as outlined in SCC Credit for Prior Learning policy.


  1. The student must be admitted to South Central College.
  2. Students must submit official college transcripts from previously attended college or university for evaluation of transfer applicability.
  3. The Registrar’s office is responsible for evaluating transfer credits based on Minnesota State system policy.
  4. The Registrar’s office will consult with academic programs to complete a comparison of course outcomes and in accordance with Minnesota  State system policy. Students can view transfer credit outcomes on their student degree audit. 
  5. The student is responsible for verifying that all transcripts have been received and should notify the college if they believe that additional coursework should be evaluated.
  6. Additional supporting documentation may be required (e.g., course syllabus, course description, common course outline) to support a request for transfer credit.  
  7. Once determined, transfer credit decisions will apply to all future transfer evaluations and are not inherently retroactive.
  8. Transfer credit decisions are subject to change and further review.

Transfer Appeal Process

Any appeals of the transfer evaluation must use this process:

  1. Submit a written appeal (using the Transfer Course Evaluation Appeal Form) to the SCC Appeal Committee regarding the result of the transfer. The Committee (Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Academic Dean, and Registrar) will examine what courses have been completed and make a final determination on the transfer evaluation.
  2. An appeal at the Minnesota State Level is available if the college level appeal is not successful. Information can be found at Transfer of Undergraduate Courses, Credit, Associate Degrees and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum http://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/321p1.html.

List of related policies or procedures (if any):

3.21 Undergraduate Course and Credit Transfer and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Policy (System)
3.35 Credit for Prior Learning Policy (System)
3.39 Transfer Rights and Responsibilities Policy (System)
3.21.1 Transfer of Undergraduate Courses, Credit, Associate Degrees and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Procedure (System)
3.3501 SCC Credit for Prior Learning Policy
3.3501.0001 SCC Credit for Prior Learning Procedure

Date of Last Review: 04/23/2022