SCC Success Stories

Photo of Seneca employee standing next to their company's sign

South Central College (SCC) is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and want to shine the light on the amazing work being done by our partners!

Apprenticeship (also known at SCC as Learn-Work-Earn) is a time‐honored method for preparing workers to master occupational skills and achieve career success. Under apprenticeship programs, students can earn a salary while receiving training through supervised, work‐based learning paired with related academic instruction.

SCC students are taking advantage of these valuable work-based learning opportunities. Our Learn-Work-Earn programs help local employers fill the need for skilled worker in high-demand industries.  At the same time students recieve a paid position in their career field while learning from experienced mentors in a program that is designed to minimize student dept.

Currently Seneca Foods is offering Learn-Work-Earn positions as Agricultural Mechanics starting at 16.75 an hour for SCC Agribusiness Service Technician students. Under the guidance of mentors, apprentices at Seneca benefit from good-paying wages and relevant on-the-job training, as well as having their spring 2022 tuition paid by the company.  

For more information about SCC’s Learn-Work-Earn Apprenticeship opportunities at South Central College, contact Kelcey Woods-Nord at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 507-389-7466, or visit