SCC Success Stories

Photo of Pricilla Guerrero

South Central College’s Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides many benefits to students, whether measured in time, money, or both.  The program allows students to receive credit for their knowledge gained in past work, life, or military experiences.

One Graphics Communications student who utilized Credit for Prior Learning at SCC is Pricilla Guerro. She loves art. Creativity is her passion and so is establishing a bright future for herself. As a full-time mom of three kids – all under 5 years old – she knew it would not be easy. She wanted to get the skills, experience, and education as quickly and as cost-effectively as she could.

Guerro qualified for the CPL program based on her demonstration of foreign language skills. She was able to save one entire semester. Not only can CPL save money and time, but data also indicates it may increase the likelihood that students graduate. It has been shown that the CPL program motivates students to finish their undergraduate education. It also inspires them to pursue additional academic opportunities.

As a graduate with an associate degree from SCC, Guerro is now continuing her studies by pursuing a Bachelor's of Fine Art at Mankato State University, Mankato where she'll be graduating earlier than she expected.

“The CPL Program has helped me reach my goals so I can get into the workforce earlier with a career I am so excited about.”

SCC encourages all students to learn if they qualify for Credit for Prior Learning. Doing so allows students to earn college-level credit for subjects and skills obtained outside a traditional classroom. It can be particularly helpful for transfer students, industry professionals with experience, or students who may wish to graduate sooner.

You can learn more on the Credit for Prior Learning webpage.