SCC Success Stories

Graphic Communications student, Vanessa Rodriguez, in learning lab

If you are looking for a degree that can prepare you for a wide range of career options, then an Arts & Sciences degree may be perfect for you.

An Arts & Sciences education focuses on a holistic approach by opening your mind to new perspectives. An Arts & Sciences degree makes you more versatile. You may have one specific specialty, but you’ll be equipped for a variety of careers and will be able to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

One of the programs within the Arts & Sciences field of study at SCC is Graphic Communications. “I love Graphic Communications because of how versatile it is. I can go from photography, print, design, and illustration, and then screen printing so I can make custom-designed shirts. I really like the idea of having people wear my art,” said SCC student, Vanessa Rodriguez. 

Like Graphic Communications, other programs within the Arts and Sciences area prepare you for specific careers, including Multimedia Technology, Family Serves and Early Childhood Education.

Other Arts and Sciences programs provide a more general array of courses, exposing you to ideas and topics that range from art to science to math. This broad foundation knowledge inspires critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity that you can then apply to an endless range of career fields and professions.

If you are undecided about what exactly you want to do, an Arts and Sciences degree gives you two years to take courses in different areas and develop an educational plan that allows you to explore different facets of your field of interest.

When you study Arts and Sciences, you get it all. It makes you a well-rounded and well-educated individual with a broader understanding of the world in addition to your area of study. You will be equipped to succeed in any field.


Within the Arts and Sciences area, SCC offers both a general Arts and Sciences associate degree as well as Minnesota State Transfer Pathway Degrees that are guaranteed to transfer to all seven Minnesota State universities. Save thousands on your bachelor’s degree. SCC offers many benefits but completing the first two years of your bachelor’s degree while earning your associate degree is always a win-win.

No matter what you choose to study, make sure you do what you love, then you’ll always love what you do!