SCC Success Stories

Photo of Zach Morh in Agriculture lab

Agriculture careers go well beyond farming. Contributing to the worldwide food supply – what’s not to love? Agriculture provides a rewarding and fulfilling future.

Many job seekers may not be aware of the incredible, high-paying opportunities agriculture has to offer. It’s an industry that is constantly evolving and consistently in need of new talent. Ag careers provide job security, competitive pay rates and the chance to make an impact.

SCC Ag student Zachary Mohr has been working on the family farm and is now enrolled in an SCC’s Agribusiness program. “I love agriculture because every day is different; you never know what it’s going to bring. I love seeing the crops grow in the growing season starting out as a little seed to finally being able to have the reward of harvesting your crop,” said Mohr. “I enjoy working outside, continuing the family business and working beside my dad.”

Zachary is continuing the family farm tradition. However, experience on a family farm is not a pre-requisite to succeed in the field of agriculture. Attaining an agriculture degree can ensure you build upon the foundation you already have from your hands-on experiences, with education on the latest innovations.

For over 50 years, SCC has been educating the next generation of farmers. SCC offers a variety of agribusiness programs ranging from production to management and service to educating the next generation of ag professionals.

No matter what you choose to study, make sure you do what you love, and then you'll always love what you do!