SCC Success Stories

Photo of Linsey Lawton at her welding station

Linsey Lawton took her first welding class in 2016 at Mankato East High School and ever since that first spark, she saw it as a potential career. She became aware of South Central College’s welding program and enrolled to pursue her new goal!

Lindsay pursued the one-semester long welding certificate and appreciated the class structure and instructors. “I received so much exposure to different types and sub-types of welding,” said Lindsay. “The format of the class allowed me to expand and explore areas I was interested in.” Most importantly she felt valued and supported by the instructors.

“The instructors were a huge part of my success. It was the most important part of the class – not just because they were my teachers but it was obvious they wanted to see me and everyone else in the class succeed.”

Her advice for future welding students is to be willing to learn and listen when being taught. She encourages future welding students to let it all in but also prepare to get frustrated. “You’re not learning if you’re not making mistakes,” she said. “Be prepared to step back and take a walk then come back and start it up again.”

After completing the Welding and Machining Tool Technology Diploma she will continue to pursue her Associate of Arts degree. With her welding diploma in hand, she will be able to earn a good wage while continuing her education.

“From welding instruction to non-welding skills, everything that went into the class was to support the students,” she said. “I think many of our current instructors are wonderful teachers who make the learning experience here easy and feel most people would think the same.”

You can learn more about the program on the Welding webpage.