SCC Success Stories


Photo of is Ana Garcia Castellanos in chef's clothing

Hello! My name is Ana Garcia Castellanos, and I am a second-year culinary student. My favorite class is World Cuisine and Cultures because we learned so much about other cultures, their food, and how food is the center of many cultural activities around the world.

I am currently a cook ...

Photo of Summer Engel in chef's clothing

Hi, my name is Summer Engel, and I am a second year Culinary Arts student at South Central College.

My favorite part about this program is how you can use your creativity. The instructors don’t always make you use a recipe they hand out; we are allowed to find are own or change them up ...

Photo of Maisey Auringer in chef's clothing

Hello! My name is Maisey Auringer, and I am a first-year Culinary Arts student. My favorite part of the program is learning about different foods that I have never seen or used before and learning how to cook them. I also really like being able ...