Customized Workforce Education

"Using Simulation to Improve Safety, Quality and Education in Health Care"

The South Central College Simulation Center exists to provide health care simulation for a broad spectrum of providers and applications. Hands-on simulation helps teams and individuals develop preparedness and insight that is best learned and practiced in realistic conditions. This translates into improved real-world communication, collaboration, teamwork and crisis management.

Programs can be customized to your needs in a range of health care areas, including emergency medicine, intensive care, labor and delivery, pain service, code, EMS and transport teams and crisis management response in many domains.

Clinicians, educators, administrators, and managers can benefit from simulation programs via:

  • Realistic client situations that can be reproduced and varied in a safe learner-centered environment
  • A fully integrated lab, with both hi-fidelity and low-fidelity interactive simulators to deliver scenario-based learning opportunities
  • Learning through innovation, responsiveness, creativity and collaboration 


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