Customized Workforce Education

The Center for Business & Industry offers Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) consultation services. These consultation services can include developing a continuity planning team, explaining the continuity program management cycle, identifying the phases of continuity, developing the business impact analysis and educating on the continuity planning model. 

COOP planning is an effort to assure that the capability exists to continue essential business functions across a wide range of potential emergencies.

Objectives include:

  • Ensuring the continuous performance of a business’s essential functions/operations during an emergency;
  • Protecting essential facilities, equipment, records, and other assets;
  • Reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations;
  • Reducing loss of life, minimizing damage and losses; and,
  • Achieving a timely and orderly recovery from an emergency and resumption of full service to customers & clients.

For more information contact:
Eric Weller
Emergency Medical Services/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
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