Customized Workforce Education

HEMS 1300 - First Responder (Emergency Medical Responder) (48 hour - 2 credits) is a course providing training in all aspects of emergency medical care required at the scene of trauma or medical emergencies. Course locations scheduled upon request by area police and sheriff’s departments, auxiliary departments, fire departments and other qualified first responder squads. This program is POST approved.

HEMS 1320 - First Responder (Emergency Medical Responder) Refresher (16 hour - 1 credit) is an in-service training program for graduates of the 48-hour First Responder course. Intended as an update on revised care procedures and recertification with MN EMS Regulatory Board. This program is POST approved.

The latest training schedule for EMT and First Responder / EMR courses is available on our Health Care page in the Training Schedules list.