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What does your organization or company currently do to ensure your employees or members are driving in a safe manner?

Have you considered the liability associated with a motor vehicle accident or a traffic violation while driving a company vehicle or a personal vehicle on company time?

Many accidents can be avoided if your drivers are equipped with critical driver safety skills. Our Fleet Safety Defensive Driving Program is able to offer solutions to these and a host of other apprehensions corporate America may have in regards to their company or organizational driving safety concerns.



Reducing accident rates by establishing a company or organizational standard for safe driving and developing a training program to meet that standard, which should all be based upon preventable accidents.


Description of a Preventable Accident:

Any motor vehicle accident that occurs because the driver fails to act in a reasonably expected manner to prevent it. In deciding whether the driver's actions were reasonable, a determination of whether the driver drove defensively and demonstrated an acceptable level of skill and knowledge. The judgment of reasonableness should be based on a company or organization adopted definition, thus establishing the goal for a company or organization driver safety program.

 The concept of defining a preventable accident achieves the following goals:

  • It helps establish a safe driving standard for the driver.
  • It provides a criterion for evaluation of the safety performance of individual drivers.
  • It provides an objective for accident investigations and evaluations.
  • It provides a means for evaluation of the safety performance of individual drivers and the fleet as a whole.
  • It provides a means for monitoring the effectiveness of fleet safety programs.
  • It assists in dealing with driver safety infractions.
  • It assists in the implementation of safe driving recognition programs.

Your company or organization should consider:

  • Do we have a program for investigating accidents?
  • Have we defined a standard for the safe driving performance of our drivers?
  • Is our standard for safe driving performance challenging enough to serve in highlighting areas for safety improvement?
  • Are our drivers instructed as to what the company standard for safe driving is?
  • Are our drivers instructed about company procedures for evaluating the preventability of accidents?

The high cost of unsafe driving practices should be a significant concern for companies or organizations. Driving safety courses can help to reduce the potential for injuries and lower the financial risk of on-the-job accidents. Driving safety courses can also decrease insurance premiums, Worker's Compensation rates, and administrative expenses. 

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