Customized Workforce Education

Encountering chemicals in our world is an everyday event for most people. The precautions we take in advance of working with chemicals or how we handle and use those products to a large degree determines whether the outcome of chemical use will be routine or disastrous. South Central College Emergency Preparedness Program can assist with all types of chemical issues even clandestine chemical concerns. Expertise is available in the areas of public, private or nonprofit protocols/response, hazardous materials planning/documenting, hazard analysis, vulnerability and risk assessment, or specialized training related to any type of hazardous materials situation.

South Central College also works in hazardous materials response for first responders through the Center for Business in the Fire and Rescue Program as well as Hazwoper or Industrial response in the Workplace Health and Safety Program. Consider the Center for Business and Industry as your source of expertise in any needs related to hazardous materials.


For more information contact:

Eric Weller 
Emergency Medical Services/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
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