The Center for Business & Industry can design welding courses to meet the particular needs of your company. Since we develop individualized courses based on specific objectives, the content and delivery vary from company to company.

Whether your goal is to reduce downtime through welding maintenance, avoid rework or reduce scrap and waste, the Center for Business & Industry can design the custom welding program that works for you. We also offer professional and continuing education classes on a regular basis. These basic courses are designed to introduce the set-up and principles of welding.  Introductory courses in MIG Welding, Stick Welding, and TIG Welding include welding safety and hands-on training.

Follow up with the MIG & TIG Welding Lab for the opportunity to advance your welding skills with additional hands-on time in the welding lab and plenty of time for questions, demonstration, and personal instruction.

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Welding Certification

Are your customers requiring that your welders be certified? South Central College has been successfully training and certifying welders for the past 35 years. Certification in MIG, TIG and Stick processes in multiple positions can be accomplished at your site or using welding facilities at SCC. Pre-certification training and coaching are available as well as coupon material preparation.