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The Science of Goal Setting

Monday Jan. 20, 2020 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Everybody has goals they set for themselves, from daily “to-do” lists to New Year’s resolutions, and everything in between. Yet we often fail to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. In this 2-hour course, you will learn about the scientific, research-based methods of goal setting that the pros use to achieve their goals and how you can utilize these proven methods to design individual goals, create an action plan, and prepare for challenges along the way.

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn scientifically-supported goal setting practices
  • Inventory goals in an organized list
  • Develop a list of resources
  • Design goals using a research-based model
  • Create an action plan to achieve individual goals
  • Prepare for challenges and obstacles to goal success
  • Gain time management skills
  • Improve life organization

Course Location:
This course meets live in a virtual classroom using video conferencing technology where the instructor and students can all see and hear each other.

About the Instructors:
Ashley Kuemper is a performance coach and co-founder of THiNQ Success, LLC. She holds a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Matt Kuemper is a curriculum developer, adjunct instructor, and co-founder of THiNQ Success, LLC. He holds a Master's degree in experience-based education.