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Technical Math

Tuesday Oct. 29, 2019 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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This is an 8-week course utilizing online video conferencing for live course instruction and D2L online learning platform for course content, assignments, and exams. Students can choose to take the course for closed credit (through participating colleges only) or for non-credit.
This is an introductory technical math course. The course is designed for students who need a review of basic technical math concepts. The primary goals of this course are to help individuals acquire a solid foundation in the basic skills of math/shop algebra and geometry. This course will show how these skills can model and solve authentic real world problems.

Course Outcomes:

  •     Solve practical problems in all topic areas
  •     Demonstrate and apply critical thinking skills to solve a variety of problems
  •     Utilize a systematic approach to problem solving
  •     Exhibit the use of a scientific calculator
  •     Demonstrate effective use of resources including faculty, reference materials, industry sources, and the Internet
  •     Demonstrate the ability to work online and be self-motivated to meet deadlines for assignments and tests