New Entering Freshman
Applicants who apply to SCC, who have never attended another college or PSEO program, and who have not earned any college credit at SCC to date are considered New Entering Freshman.

Post Secondary Enrollment Options and 10th Grade Career & Technical Education PSEO
High school students that meet the criteria for participating in the PSEO program can take tuition free college courses through the college, that will work for meeting high school graduation requirements and that are geared towards specific programs of study at the college. High School students that are in 10th grade may also quality to take a college level course if they meet additional requirements.

International Students
If you are an applicant living overseas or are already studying at another college or university in the U.S. on a student Visa, you are considered an International Student.

Visiting Students or Consortium Students or Senior Citizens
If you are an applicant who has not been admitted to the college, or if you are not planning to apply to SCC but wish to register for college credit classes at SCC are considered a Visiting Student. Visiting students are responsible for paying for the courses that they register for and are not financial aid eligible. No application for admissions or application fee is required. A Consortium Student is a category of visiting student that is not a degree seeking student at SCC, but is a degree seeking student at another college, that has had both colleges fill out the necessary consortium agreement paperwork (obtained from the home college) that allows for financial aid at the home school to pay for the SCC course(s). Minnesota Residents 62 years or older may submit a paper non-degree seeking registration form to take classes at SCC on a space-available basis at a very reduced rate. More information on Senior Citizen Registration is available in SCC's Registration Procedure.

Transfer Students
If you are a degree seeking applicant that has taken PSEO courses at another college or university, or if you have attended another college or university, then you are considered a Transfer Student.

Re-Entry or Returning Students 
Applicants who have previously applied, been accepted, and have taken classes at SCC, but have not attended SCC for more than 2 semesters are considered Returning Students.  This is no application fee for re-applying.